US President Elections Result 2016 – Live Updates

This is the most excited news for the viewers. Along with the US people whole world is waiting for the results. As of now Mr Trump is near to the winning the president seat. As we all know that the result may change in any time so everyone is very eager to know the result. We with our team are here to provide you the latest news to you. However Mrs Clinton manages to give perfect competition for Trump on all aspects. US President Elections Result 2016 are here. Though there are several issues in which Clinton involved the court gave here so relief just before few days the lection starts. So it had an impact in the results. Along with the Trump, Clinton there are some competitors who are participating in this event they are Gary Johnson, Darrell Castle, Evan McMullin,Rocky De La Fuente,Tom Hoefling, Mike Maturen, Laurence Kotlikoff and Jill Stein who represents Libertarian party, Constitution party, Independent, Reform Party, American Party, American Solidarity party, independent and Green party respectively.



US President Elections Result 2016

We know that the US elections had its own importance. Getting the president seat in US is not a small issue they have to be strong and bold enough to manage all the issues belonging to the world. There is tough competition between the two parties namely republican and the democratic. The elections are being held on 8th November 2016. This is the 45th US Presidential elections and 48th Vice president elections. Previously the President was Barack Obama. Get US President Elections Result 2016. The major areas where Trump got elected were Ohio, Florida and North Carolina etc these are key areas to win so results are in favour of Trump. Within few hours there will be clear view about the result. We are providing you the time-time update. For more information about the result of US stay in touch with our website continuously.

Hillary Chances of Electing as US 1st Woman President

If Mr Trump got elected as the president of US he will be recorded as the oldest person to occupy the seat. If Mrs Clinton got elected then she will be creating the history of 1st Female to become the US president. As per the news updates the seats won by Mr Trump is 244 still 26 needed for winning the seat whereas on the other hand Mrs Clinton had won 215 seats and 55 needed to occupy the seat. Still there are some places where the elections are continuing. Updates on US President Elections Result 2016 are here. So within no time they will announce the US president name. These elections had big fight between the two contenders Trump and Clinton only. But there are some places where the independent and some parties have recorded good number and won it. Compared to other state elections US election has they significance and entire world is waiting for these elections. Because it is the state where the decisions to be made it has its importance in the world History. We are having good contacts with the US state.

United Nations Wants Trump as President ?

The results were declared by state by state so there is high electrified tension in all the people who are desperately watching the results. The elections are been held for 435 voting members seats in United state house of representatives and 34 out of 100 seats in US Senate. 12 state governorship, 2 territorial governorship and numerous other state elections are been contested in these elections along with the President and Vice president seats. The results will be finalised by getting the simple majority of 270 out of 538 electoral votes are required to win the seat of president. Trump became presidential nominee by defeating Ted Cruz in Texas. Hillary Clinton become the presidential nominee by defeating Bernie Sanders.

Updated: November 9, 2016 — 7:20 am

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