New Education Policy 2016 India

Some Inputs For New Education Policy. Earlier, on 1982 the New Education Policy (NEP) was launched in India, later it was modified in the year 1992. Now, finally after so many years, the india’s government planned to bring up the national education policy again. new education policy 2016 india is now in parliament. The government wants to change the education system and provide good qualify of education with innovative and research ideas. This time the NEP main responsible is to make india a knowledge superpower, preparing the students with required skills and knowledge. Lessen the shortage of workforce in science and technology as well as academics and industries.



new education policy 2016 india

New Education Policy main aim is to refresh the quality of education in our country, which has develop in immense quantity. As india has vast number of youngest population compared to other countries. To improve the educational system is not that much easy with the growing demand of the burgeoning students population. Compared to other countries, education sector in our country is very poor.

As the government has try to improve the education system in our country time to time. Formerly on 2009, the government has launched a Right To Education (RTE) act, but however the education system is same as before. According to latest survey on the year 2010, hardly 95.5% of schools in india have fallowing the right to education rules.

The new education policy progressing the order to make compensation to the alarming dis proportionality which impose the education scheme in india. However, the government of india revise the entire NEP scheme.

BJP has always been the front runner to keep the Indian culture and its core values. On the same line the HRD minister, Prakash Javadekar have had meeting with the RSS supremo and other members of the Sangh. Most of the time was spent discussing on New Education Policy and every one have come up with various inputs and new ideas. Before the government junks and bring amendments to the draft totally afresh they have plans to put this in public domain and the work on the responses from its citizens. Based on the inputs and responses from general public the final draft will be made.

Updated: November 18, 2016 — 7:13 am

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